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Video: Muto, Funaki & S1 Mask vs. Voodoo Murders (1/22/10)


All-Japan put on quite the show on 1/22/10 at Korakuen an event to help celebrate the 5th anniversary of S1 No. 1 Style, a very popular AV (adult video) label in Japan. That essentially meant every match involved a very cute Japanese adult film star or some kind of prize for the winners. I just couldn’t resist posting one match here-this is the main event for the Akiho Yoshizawa Cup. It’s Voodoo Murders (TARU and a couple others) vs. Keiji Muto, Masakatsu Funaki and S1 Mask with S1 idol Megu Fujiura (the oh-so-cute one in the white shirt and little else) as a supporter. The winner got a prize from Yoshizawa, who herself is oh so sexy…see why I can’t watch stuff like this? Haha…anyway, the match is after the jump in 2 parts. And in case it’s not obvious right away, S1 Mask is a great parody of Big Van Vader…and the masked one here is none other than Muto’s pimp-in-training, Ryota Hama. Oh, and this video MIGHT be NSFW if starting at hot girls in little more than bikinis is frowned upon where you work. OK, I’ll stop going on about the girls now before this turns into like what’s on my other blogs.

Part 1:

Part 2: