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All-Japan News: All-Asia Title Match On 4/28, May Tour


All-Japan announced today that following the recent All-Asia Tag Team Title match in which the titles were lost to the Big Japan team of Daisuke Sekimoto & Yuji Okabayashi, former titleholder Manabu Soya has apparently taken responsibility for he & Seiya Sanada losing the titles, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. Former titleholder Ryota Hama has taken notice and will team with Soya in an attempt to bring the titles back to All-Japan. They will get their shot on 4/28 at Korakuen.

The promotion also announced it’s May tour today, RISE UP TOUR 2011. The schedule:
5/18-Yanai City Gym
5/20-Kagoshima Citizen Gym
5/21-Acros Fukuoka
5/22-Kumamoto City Food Interchange Hall
5/23-? (Had a brain cramp and forgot the location on translation)
5/24-Asakura City Yamagi Seika Market
5/25-Kokura Kita Gym
5/28-Okayama Wholesale Trade Center Orange Hall
5/29-Kobe Sambo Hall