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4/7 New Japan Results


New Japan ran the first of back-to-back NEVER series events today featuring a tournament that likely will get it’s winner into BEST OF THE SUPER JUNIOR, results from today at Shin-Kiba 1st Ring:
They claimed 250 paid.
All matches were tournament matches.
Keisuke Ishii (DDT) beat Hiromu Takahashi in 8:18.
Ryuichi Sekine (K-DOJO) beat Kyosuke Mikami in 8:56.
Shinobu (Independent/Freelancer) beat Kaji Tomato (K-DOJO) in 8:32.
Madoka (Independent/Freelancer) beat Kazuki Hirata (DDT) in 8:53.
Kazuhiro Tamura (STYLE-E) beat Marines Mask 2 (K-DOJO) in 4:21.
Daisuke Sasaki (DDT) beat ? (Still don’t know name but he’s from Union Pro) in 10:08.
Tsuyoshi Kikuchi (Independent/Freelancer) beat Ken Ohka (Union Pro) in 8:18.
Taichi beat ? in in 8:48.

The second half of the tournament is tomorrow. Full card will be announced tomorrow, if I find it out ahead of time I’ll update with the card but there will likely be 8-9 matches.