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News: Post-Earthquake Updates Pending If Necessary


As you’ve probably heard, very bad got worse in Japan a few hours ago as another major earthquake hit the already heavily damaged Northeast coast. This one, an aftershock from last month’s earthquake, measured between 7-7.4 (I think the Japan Meteorological agency said around 7, the USGS initially said 7.4 but downgraded it to 7.1, considered “Major” on the Richter Scale), and there was a tsunami warning that was quickly cancelled. It was centered in about the same location as before, roughly 30 miles offshore from Miyagi prefecture, where the port city of Sendai was hardest hit. It was also felt in neighboring Iwate & Ibaraki Prefectures and briefly as far away as Tokyo.
If need be I will again use (and sticky) this post to provide status updates for events that could be affected by this latest earthquake, at this time there is no information yet available but I will continue to monitor the promotions’ websites and SportsNavi and if needed post updates as they become available.