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4/9 All-japan Results


Day 2 of Champions Carnival is in the books, results from Korakuen:
They claimed 1800 paid. Better than Day 1.
All matches were Champions Carnival matches except for the tag team match listed.
Block A:
KONO beat Ryota Hama in 12:07.
Masakatsu Funaki beat Takao Omori in 14:01 by ref stoppage.
Yuji Nagata beat Suwama in 23:13.
Block B:
Seiya Sanada beat KENSO by forfeit. SportsNavi reports KENSO is now out of the rest of the tournament. Concussion suffered yesterday. All of KENSO’s foes he hasn’t yet faced will later be credited with a win and get 2 points.
Jun Akiyama beat Joe Doering in 10:14.
Taiyo Kea beat Minoru Suzuki in 24:33.

Seiya Sanada & KAI beat Manabu Soya & Hiroshi Yamato in 16:16. Sanada pinned Yamato with a dragon suplex hold.