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4/10 19 Pro Results


19 Pro had planned to do a live special broadcast of their special title match today but problems with internet at the host venue forced them to tape it and air it on same-day tape later in the day. Results from today at Kashima High School in Ibaraki:
Makoto & Kurumi beat Tsukasa Fujimoto & Chii Tomiya in 8:42. Makoto pinned Tomiya.

IW19 Champion Tsukushi vs. Emi Sakura went to a 19 minute time limit draw. As a result, Tsukushi retains the title. V1 for Tsukushi.

Next event is Friday when they will do a special broadcast of Osaka Pro’s regular weekday event. The planned 19 Pro offer match will feature the next title defense for Tsukushi. This time the challenger is Makoto.