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4/10 Osaka Pro Results


Osaka Pro concluded their first-ever 6 man tag tournament today, results from Osaka Minami Move On Arena:
They claimed 229 paid (sellout).
Hideyoshi & Masamune beat Yutaka & ? in 10:37. Hideyoshi pinned Yutaka.

Billy Ken Kid, Zeus, Ebessan 3 & Ultimate Spider Jr. beat Kanjuro Matsuyama, Takaku Fuke, Kuishinbo Kamen & The Bodyguard in 12:23. Spider pinned Matsuyama after a diving body press.

Osaka Pro 12th Anniversary 6 Man Tag Tournament:
Tigers Mask, Black Buffalo & Naoki Setoguchi beat Atsushi Kotoge, Daisuke Harada & Takoyakida in 14:23. Tigers pinned Takoyakida with a small package.
Kuuga, Tadasuke & HAYATA beat Tsubasa, Miracle Man & Ultimate Spider Jr. in 11:58. HAYATA pinned Tsubasa.
Finals: Tigers Mask, Black Buffalo & Naoki Setoguchi beat Kuuga, Tadasuke & HAYATA in 13:15 to win the tournament. Tigers pinned HAYATA with a Tigers suplex hold. As a result, the winners get to make some matches for 4/29 at Matsushita IMP Hall. It appears one of them will be an Osaka Pro Singles Title match, my translation suggests Black Buffalo and/or Tigers Mask facing Kuuga for the title. Tigers also announjced that the LOV faction is now disbanded.