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4/13 All-Japan Results-The Champion Of Champions Is…


All-Japan wrapped up this year’s Champions Carnival today, and a winner has been determined…results hot-off-the-press from Korakuen via SportsNavi:
They claimed 2100 paid (a Full House).
Jun Akiyama & Makoto Hashi beat Manabu Soya & Masanobu Fuchi in 13:12. Akiyama pinned Soya after Exploder.

Champions Carnival:
Block A:
Masakatsu Funaki beat Ryota Hama in in 8:43.
Yuji Nagata beat Takao Omori in 12:14.
KONO beat Suwama in 15 minutes. As a result, Nagata advances to the finals.
Block B:
Joe Doering beat Taiyo Kea in 8:44.
Seiya Sanada beat Minoru Suzuki in 16:06. As a result, Sanada advances to the finals. No 3-peat for Suzuki.
Finals: Yuji Nagata beat Seiya Sanada in 22:44 to win the tournament. As a result, Nagata gets the next shot at Triple Crown Champion Suwama. That will happen on June 19 at Ryogoku. Guess having more rest between matches may have been the difference, but this tournament may have truly been Sanada’s breakthrough performance. He’s already about there in tag teams, but this has been easily his best singles run to date. But for now, Nagata is the champion of champions and the Carnival title is headed to New Japan. Is the Triple Crown next?

The next tour begins Sunday.