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Dragon Gate News: First 5/5 Match, KING OF GATE Matchups, More


Dragon Gate just posted some news related to the May tour, let’s get to it:
The first match for the major 5/5 event at Aichi Prefectural Gym has been announced: An 8 man Loser Revival Captains Fall Elimination Match-Dragon Kid & 3 TBA vs. Shingo Takagi & 3 TBA. Kid & Takagi are the captains. How this match works: It starts as a 8 man tag team match. A beaten wrestler is eliminated, but when one of his teammates eliminates an opposing team member one elmiinated wrestler gets to return to the match. When all wrestlers on one team OR a captain is eliminated, the match is over (if it’s the Captain the match immediately ends even if teammates remain). The TBAs will be revealed at a later date.

All the matchups for this year’s KING OF GATE have been revealed. This year’s tournament is single-elimination with brackets divided into Blocks A & B. The full schedule:
5/12 (Korakuen)-Block A Quarterfinals:
Yasushi Kanda vs. Masato Yoshino
Dragon Kid vs. Pac
Gamma vs. Cyber Kong
Shingo Takagi vs. Masaaki Mochizuki

5/14 (Sapporo Teisen Hall)-Block B Quarterfinals:
YAMATO vs. Don Fujii
CIMA vs. Susumu Yokosuka
Ryo Saito vs. Genki Horiguchi (potential matchup of the current Open The Twin Gate Champions)
BxB Hulk vs. Naruki Doi

5/15 (Sapporo Teisen Hall)-A Block Semifinal 1: Gamma-Kong vs. Takagi-Mochizuki

5/16 (Hive Nagaoka)-A Block Semifinal 2: Kanda/Yoshino vs. Pac-Kid

5/17 (Shinjuku Face)-B Block Semifinals:
YAMATO-Fujii vs. CIMA/Yokosuka
Saito/Horiguchi vs. Hulk-Doi

5/21 (Osaka Prefectural Gym #2)-A & B Block Finals and Tournament Final
Tournament bracket graphic from DG’s official website:

Finally, note the 5/17 event at Shinjuku Face, added as a replacement for the planned event at Zepp Sendai that was cancelled due to the March earthquake. The other cancelled event, 5/18 at Yamagata Big Wing, has been replaced by a 5/27 event at Kobe Sambo Hall. And additionally, they announced the planned MEMORIAL GATE 2011 event, scheduled for 6/24 at Wakayama Prefectural Gym as a replacement for the cacnelled March event at Ryogoku, has now been POSTPONED. No further details released.

Also posted is the current June schedule, which looks like this:
6/9-Toyohashi City Gym
6/10-Toyonaka Rose Cultural Hall
6/11-Act City Hamamatsu
6/12-Kobe Sambo Hall
6/17-Kokura Kita Gym
6/18-Hakata Starlanes
6/19-Hakata Starlanes
6/22-Tsushima City Cultural Center
6/26-Gifu Chamber Of Commerce