Time once again for a healthy dose of “Black Charisma”. Masa Chono sat down with SportsNavi today for an independent interview where he discussed his current non-wrestling projects (besides of course running his ArisTrisT clothing label he has become a regular on TV & radio, including a weekly TV show Saturday mornings on TV Kanagawa) as well as his being Daichi Hashimoto’s debut opponent in ZERO1. He also touched on his health, future plans (he’s currently averaging one appearance per month but would like to increase that), IGF, the March earthquake and the proposed charity event by good friend and All-Japan President Keiji Muto to bring The Big 3 together to raise funds for eathquake disaster relief, an event Chono said he would like to participate in should it ever materialize. Chono’s next scheduled appearance is at tomorrow’s Kuuga Produced event. Also looks like it didn’t take long to grow the signature ‘stache back, he had shaved it off recently as part of a promotional appearance for Gilette (a product launch in Japan). But, like me, he really could use some Just For Men on the beard.