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Indy News: KING OF TRIOS Night 1 Results


Evidently no CHIKARA Fans members went to KING OF TRIOS or bothered to post Night 1 results, but at least CHIKARA has posted the official results on their website, so here are results from KING OF TRIOS Night 1:
All matches were KOT First Round matches.
The Osirian Portal (Ophidian, Amasis, Hieracon) beat 3.0le! (Scott Parker, Shane Matthews, El Generico) in 18:12. Hieracon pinned Generico after Osirian Sacrament.

F.I.S.T. (Icarus, Chuck Taylor, Johnny Gargano) beat Australia (Kabel, Percy, Tama Williams) in 11:13. Gargano pinned Kabel after “Hurts Donut”.

BDK (Tim Donst, Jakob Hammermeier, Delirious) beat Soul Touchaz (Acid Jaz, Marshe Rockett, Willie Richardson) in 11:23. Delirious pinned Richardson aftera  lateral press.

Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw & Manami Toyota beat The Amazing Red, Wil & Joel Maximo in 10:11. Quackenbush pinned Joel after a “12 Large” elbowdrop.

Dragon Gate (Akira Tozawa, Super Shisa, KAGETORA) beat The Spectral Envoy (UltraMantis Black, Hallowicked, Frightmare) in 13:34. Shisa pinned Black after Yoshitonic.

Osaka Pro (Atsushi Kotoge, Daisuke Harada, Ultimate Spider Jr.) beat The Throwbacks (Dasher Hatfield, Sugar Dunkerton, Matt Classic) in 17:04. Harada pinned Hatfield with La Magistral.

The Colony (Fire, Soldier, Green Ants) beat Kizarny & The Batiri (Sinn Bodhy, Obariyon, Kodama) in 16:32. Fire Ant pinned Kodama after Ant Hill.

Michinoku Pro (The Great Sasuke, Jinsei Shinzaki, Dick Togo) beat Team Minnesota (1-2-3 Kid, Arik Cannon, Darin Corbin) in 22:51. Togo pinned Kid after a diving senton.

Night 2 is tonight. No word yet on what the quarterfinal matchups will be but so far the Japan trios are all still in it. And it’s certainly good to see the Michinoku Pro trio able to still appear despite their suffering massive losses in the March earthquake.