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Video: 1996 J-CROWN Final


Back before it was eventually done away with due to involved titles being pulled out/done away with and the rising prominence of BEST OF THE SUPER JUNIOR, the spotlight event for Jr. Heavyweights was the J-CROWN, a tournament that eventually led to the formation of a super-title that consisted of 8 Jr. Heavyweight titles unified as one. For today’s video we’ll revisit the 1996 final as it’s one of the latest installments in the New Japan Greatest Moments series, this final match pits The Great Sasuke against Ultimo Dragon. The full match is below.

PS-For those wondering, Dragon is still active today. He’s kept a lower profile since leaving Dragon Gate but usually appears in the “legends/old-timers” promotions like Dradition, Real Japan, Legend Pro Wrestling and IGF with an occasional special appearance elsewhere.