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4/17 JWP Results


JWP kicked off yet another tournament at today’s event (it’s almost getting ridiculous), results from Tokyo Cinema Club:
They claimed 157 paid.
J-1 Grand Prix 2011:
? beat masu-me in 3:47.
In a match where the only way to win was by your corner throwing in the towel, Sachie Abe beat KAZUKI in 14:28 by TKO.
In a match with only a 2 count needed to win, Hailey Hatred beat Tsubasa Kuragaki in 12:45.

Command Bolshoi & Yagami Aoi beat Ayumi Kurihara & Mika Iida in 13:05. Bolshoi pinned Iida after Argentine Backbreaker.

Leon, Hanako Nakamori & Misaki Ohata beat Tomoko Morii, Kayoko Haruyama & DASH Chisako in 15:25. Leon pinned Morii.