Beauty And The Beast, Stardom-style. At today’s usual pre-event weekend presser, the photos included this for a Sunday match-Haruka (I can’t help but go “Awwwww…” every time I see her do poses like this, she’s just so cute…maybe in part because she’s only 9) and her opponent, the debuting “Yuzupon Mask”…yes, of course that is Yuzuki Aikawa under a rather feminine Tiger Mask of sorts. This will be Haruka’s latest 3 minute exhibition match of sorts (and perhaps a warmup for Yuzuki, who also will compete in a 3-way on the card) and thetwo even talked about perhaps making it more of a shoot match or a battle of the kickers at the very least-Yuzupon Kicks vs. Haruka’s Kicks. If it went to that, I’d say advantage Haruka. Smaller, cuter and don’t forget she kicks pretty hard too. And she could easily duck under those Yuzupon Kicks. It could almost be unintentionally funny. We’ll see what happens Sunday. Oh, and as usual Yoshiko was Little Miss Pouty-Face for her appearance, she’ll team with Nanae Takahashi on the card.