Don’t let his looks, former heel ways or the “Black Charisma” nickname fool you-underneath it all Masa Chono is a really good person, as evident today-Daily Sports reports the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department presented Chono with a formal letter of appreciation for Chono’s cooperation with a campaign to help prevent delinquency among Japanese youths (see poster in background), which apparently has become more of a problem since the 3/11 earthquake & tsunami, and such acts apparently include these youths stealing money intended as donations for disaster relief as well as an increase in general crimes (I imagine a lot of theft, looting, etc.) Translation of the Daily Sports article, which has also been published by SportsNavi:

The butterfly field correct ocean of professional wrestling Ra on the 21st, was conferred letter of appreciation from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department life safe section. The fact that it is appointed to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department boy delinquent prevention poster was accepted from March 25th this month to 30th, cooperation to delinquent prevention was appraised. As for the butterfly field “the crime which goes on board in earthquake disaster occurs frequently, while being painful, annoyance is caused for the people who have persevered. Stop, the mean thing such as contribution gold fraud and the [hi] [tsu] it is chestnut!!”With it appealed.

Once again I commend Chono for using his star power to help others especially in this continued time of need. Hopefully others will listen and heed his words.

(Photo-Daily Sports)