Scandal! Secret Love! Marriage Plans! Youth In Revolt! Yep, it was Stardom presser time today as the promotion turned 3 months old. While part of the attention was on fellow presser attendees Fuka (who proclaimed Stardom’s first 3 months a great success) & Yoko Bito, there also was a surprisingly well-behaved Yoshiko in attendance…at least until she apparently dropped quite a bombshell-she claimed that she intends to marry DDT star Kota Ibushi, and perhaps as soon as July 24 (when Stardom runs at Korakuen and DDT runs their annual Ryogoku blowout show). Married at only 17?!? Or is this yet another of Yoshiko’s brilliant heel tactics? Film At 11! Love her or hate her, you’ve got to admit that Yoshiko is really showing signs of becoming a potentially great heel between her matches and her attitude at recent press conferences. Certainly a nice change of pace that joshi could use a little bit of right now. Oh, and Stardom runs again tomorrow.