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4/29 JWP Results


JWP ran their monthly comedy-themed house show today, results from the JWP School:
They claimed 132 paid (overflow).
Sachie Abe & Yagami Aoi beat masu-me & Manami Katsu in 11:20. Abe pinned masu-me after a diving body press. Everyone dressed up for the match-Katsu as a cheerleader, masu-me as a nurse, Aoi as a shrine maiden, Abe as what appears to be a businesswoman.

In a match with 2 count rules and where you had to submerge your opponent in a pool inside the ring to win, Command Bolshoi beat Leon in 4:52. Which led to…
In an immediate rematch with same rules, Leon beat Command Bolshoi in 2:02.

In a match with what appeared to be those usual post-elimination rice ball eating rules, Kayoko Haruyama, Tsubasa Kuragaki, KAZUKI & Jaguar Yokota beat Hanako Nakamori, Tomoko Morii, DASH Chisako & Yagami Aoi in 13:40. KAZUKI pinned Morii. There also appeared to be a basketball-style jump ball tipoff pre-match to determine which team got Yokota and which got Aoi.