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4/29 NOAH Results


Today is the start (I believe) of “Golden Week” in Japan, which is a week-long major holiday period in the country, and it also features a number of major events on the puroresu schedule, including standalone major events, special “Godlen Week” series and major tour-ending events among others. The last one features NOAH’s event today wrapping up the 2011 Global Tag League, results from Korakuen:
They claimed 2000 paid (overflow).
Mikey Nicholls beat Shane Haste in 6:35.

Ricky Marvin & Yoshinari Ogawa beat Takashi Okita & Katsuhiko Nakajima in 12:08. Marvin pinned Okita.

Taiji Ishimori, Atsushi Aoki & Kotaro Suzuki beat Genba Hirayanagi, Yoshinobu Kanemaru & KENTA in 10:07 by DQ (Hirayanagi DQ’d). Chair use.

Global Tag League:
Kento Miyahara & Kensuke Sasaki beat Masao Inoue & Bison Smith in 18:45. Sasaki pinned Inoue after Northern Lights Bomb.
Shuhei Taniguchi & Go Shiozaki beat Claudio Castagnoli & Chris Hero in 18:45. Shiozaki pinned Hero after Go Flasher.
Takuma Sano & Yoshihiro Takayama beat Yutaka Yohie & Takeshi Morishima in 14:37. Sano pinned Morishima after Northern Lights Bomb.
Akitoshi Saito & Jun Akiyama beat Mohammed Yone & Takahsi Sugiura in 20:45 to win the tournament. Saito pinned Sugiura after Death Brand. As a result, Saito & Akiyama win the grand prize-at least 1 million yen and a shot at GHC Heavyweight Tag Team Champions Takuma Sano & Yoshihiro Takayama. That will happen on 5/8.

Final Standings:
Akiyama/Saito: 5-2, 10 points
Takayama/Sano: 4-2-1, 9 points
Sugiura/Yone: 3-2-2, 8 points
Shiozaki/Taniguchi: 3-2-2, 8 points
Morishima/Yoshie: 4-2, 8 points
Smith/Inoue: 2-4-1, 5 points
Miyahara/Sasaki: 2-5, 4 points
Hero/Castagnoli: 2-5, 4 points

Tournament Awards:
Fighting Spirit Prize: Hero/Castagnoli
Outstanding Performance Prize: Sasaki/Nakajima
Techinque Prize: Inoue/Smith

Next up is GREAT VOYAGE 2011 in Tokyo Vol. 2 on 5/8 at Ariake Colisseum, then it’s off to Europe for 3 days.