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4/29 OZ Academy Results


OZ Academy ran late in Osaka after Osaka Pro, results from Matsushita IMP Hall:
They claimed 475 paid.
Sonoko Kato, Mio & Io Shirai beat Nao Komatsu, Manami Toyota & Hiren in 18:05. Mio pinned Komatsu after Purple Spark.

Takako Inoue beat AKINO in 9:51.

Tomoka Nakagawa & Hiroyo Matsumoto beat Carlos Amano & Ayumi Kurihara in 12:34. Nakagawa pinned Kurihara with a schoolboy.

Ran Yu-Yu beat OZ Academy Openweight Champion Aja Kong in 19:22 to win the title. Yu-Yu becomes the 10th OZ Academy Openweight Champion. 2 interesting notes here: This is only the 3rd singles title win in Yu-Yu-‘s 15-year-plus career (one JWP Jr. Title reign as her real name, Tomoko Miyaguchi, and one JWP Openweight Title reign) and there now has been only one title reign in which the champion managed more than one successful defense (KAORU had 3). Will this trend continue? We shall see.