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5/1 Diana Results


Diana ran what appears to have been their 4th event today, results from Nanyo City Gym:
They claimed 349 paid.
Keiko Aono beat Sari in 7:44.

Kagetu (Sendai Girls) beat Moeka Haruhi (WAVE) in 12:02.

Nisiguti Pro Offer Match: Small Antonio Inoki & Small Masa Chono beat ? & ? in 14:36. Inoki pinned ? with a German suplex hold.

GAMI (WAVE) beat Nagisa Nozaki in 14:23.

In a 3 falls match, Kaoru Ito & Kyoko Inoue beat Ayako Sato & Aya Yuki 2-1 in 28:02.

4/29 results, if they ran as planned, are not yet available.