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5/1 SMASH Results


SMASH continued their Golden Week series today, results from Nagoya Telepia Hall:
No attendance figures available.
TAJIRI beat Akito in 9:14.

AKIRA & Takao Omori beat Hide & Yasu Kubota in 9:08 by double pinfall.

Brady Roberts beat Yusuke Kodama in 5:10.

Jessica Love beat Yuji Kito in 7:11.

Takao Omori & Makoto beat Michael Kovac & Lin “Bitch” Byron in 12:50 by DQ (Byron DQ’d). Dangerous weapon use by the Bitch. Sure living up to the nickname.

Serena beat Syuri in 11:01.

Leatherface beat AKIRA in 6:06.

Starbuck & Hajime Ohara beat TAJIRI & Ultimo Dragon in 13:27. STarbuck pinned TAJIRI after a piledriver.

Next event is Tuesday at Korakuen.