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5/3 SMASH Results


SMASH wrapped up their Golen Week series today, results from Korakuen:
They claimed 1300 paid (overflow).
AKIRA, Yuji Kito & Taishi Takizawa (K-DOJO) beat Brady Roberts, Quiet Storm & ? (TBA, revealed to be that pesky-to me-[bemanu] ant) in 9:12. AKIRA pinned Roberts.

Ultimo Dragon beat Yusuke Kodama in 7:33.

Yoshiyaki Yago beat Leatherface in 4:21.

Syuri & Hikaru Shida (Ice Ribbon) beat Mio & Io Shirai in 14:25. Syuri pinned Mio after a right high kick.

Starbuck beat SHinya Ishikawa in 8:49.

In a match to possibly somehow set up the first title match in SMASH or something involving title belts, TAJIRI & Makoto (Ice Ribbon) beat Hajime Ohara & Jessica Love and Michael Kovac & Lin “Bitch” Byron in a 3-way in 14:37 by belt capture.

Next event is 6/9 at Korakuen. Announced matches today are AKIRA vs. Takashi Iizuka (New Japan) and FUNAKI vs. Hurricane Helms (Shane/Gregory Helms).