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5/4 DDT Results (Part 2)


The second half of DDT’s doubleheader today was a Union Pro event, results from the late event at Korakuen via SportsNavi:
They claimed 1270 paid (sellout).
Danshoku Dieno beat ? in 3:31.

Chou-un Shiryu & ? beat ? & ? in 12:24. ? pinned ?. One of the unknowns was one of the New Beijing Pro wrestlers, one of the losers was a debuting wrestler.

Cherry beat Bambi in 9:26.

Genichiro Tenryu, Munenori Sawa & Shigehiro Irie beat Tsuyoshi Kikuchi, ? & ? in 13:27. Irie pinned ?.

In a Hardcore match, MIKAMI & Jun Kasai beat Isami Kodaka & Keita Yano in 14:20. MIKAMI pinned Kodaka.

Koji Kanemoto (New Japan) beat Ken Ohka in 9:28 by submission.

Seiya Morohashi & Big Murakami beat Yoshiaki Yago & Kengo Mashimo in 14:47. Murakami pinned Yago.

Shuji Ishikawa beat Sanshiro Takagi in 21:17.

Some notes/fallout from the event:
2 matches have been made for 6/2 at Shinjuku Face: Tsuyoshi Kikuchi vs. Genichiro Tenryu & DDT Extreme Champion Isami Kodaka vs. MIKAMI for the title.
NEW KO-D Openweight Champion Shuji Ishikawa could first defend on 6/19. No word on an opponent but my translation hinted at possibly either GENTARO or Takao Soma.