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5/5 Dragon Gate Results


Dragon Gate ran their annual May blowout event yesterday to wrap up a big Golden Week in puroresu, results from Aichi Prefectural Gym via SportsNavi:
They claimed 7000 paid (overflow).
Super Shenlong & Takuya Tomakomai beat Super Shisa & Syachihoko Machine in 4:23. Tomakomai pinned Machine.

Kenichiro Arai & Don Fujii beat Naoki Tanisaki & ? in 10:30. Fujii pinned ?.

Yasushi Kanda beat Susumu Yokosuka in 9:28.

Open The Brave Gate Champion Pac beat Naruki Doi in 18 minutes to retain the title. V7 for Pac. Upset in my book, I didn’t think Pac had much of a chance against Doi. This also means Pac has now set the record for most successful defenses in a reign.

Open The Twin Gate Champions Ryo Saito & Genki Horiguchi beat Masato Yoshino & BxB Hulk in 12:06 to retain the titles. Horiguchi pinned Hulk with Backslide From Heaven. V2 for the champs.

In a Blood Warriors vs. KAMIKAZE Loser Revival Captains Fall Elimination Match, Shingo Takagi (C), Taku Iwasa, Cyber Kong & KAGETORA beat Dragon Kid (C), CIMA, Gamma & Ricochet in 21:17. Order of elimination: CIMA by KAGETORA at 4:02, Iwassa by Kid at 6:25, KAGETORA by CIMA at 7:53, Gamma & Ricochet by Kong via OTR at 9:24, Kong by CIMA at 11:19, Gamma by Takagi at 12:20, Kong by CIMA via OTR at 13:29, Iwassa & KAGETORA by Ricochet at 16:41, Kid by Takagi at 21:17. Because Kid was the captain, that immediately ends the match. KAMIKAZE wins.

Open The Dream Gate Champion Masaaki Mochizuki beat YAMATO in 25:11 to retain the title. V1 for Mochizuki.

Also announced was the card for the KING OF GATE opener on Thursday at Korakuen. The full card:
Don Fujii & Takuya Tomakomai vs. YAMATO & KAGETORA
Ryo Saito & Genki Horiguchi vs. Kenichiro Arai & Taku Iwasa
CIMA, Naruki Doi & Ricochet vs. BxB Hulk, Susumu Yokosuka & Super Shisa
Yasushi Kanda vs. Masato Yoshino
Dragon Kid vs. Pac
Gamma vs. Cyber Kong
Masaaki Mochizuki vs. Shingo Takagi