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Joshi News: Ice Ribbon Stars To CHIKARA In July


Ice Ribbon announced today that two of it’s stars-current ICEx60 Singles Champion Tsukasa Fujimoto & proverbial jobber Makoto-are headed to the US in July to appear in CHIKARA. Further details have not been announced yet but according to the current CHIKARA schedule they will appear on one or both the promotion’s July events, scheduled for 7/30 & 7/31 in Philadelphia. In addition, Ice Ribbon received this letter from CHIKARA, loose translation (they could’ve left it posted in English too!):

To everyone of the ice ribbon which becomes love

The case of [chikarapuroresujiyapantsua] thank you for offering [retsusuruarina].
In addition, this time anti- resistance of the English woman professional wrestling group “eve” becomes announcement, we rejoice the fact that the ice ribbon flaps in the world.

Well, perhaps, knowing but, some days ago the Toyota Manami player participated to [chikarapuroresu].
The legend wrestler, the flight goddess could boil the meeting place greatly.
You heard that and, the player who has the name of flight goddess two world is in the ice ribbon.

Fujimoto handle
She is the champion of the present ice ribbon, is the leader also…

Then, group anti- resistance in the foreign country speaking suddenly, the conditions not to understand, because you think that there is many a thing which is perplexed
That you thought whether in the sense that the favor which is received in Japan is returned, you cannot invite to the overseas knight-errantry to our [chikarapuroresu].

In addition, you think that there is also the woman alone lonely thing.
In the ice ribbon, is an interest already in one person American professional wrestling, receives the tryout of WWE
You have asked that the player who desires the fact that it visits America it is.

Then, July 30th, it doesn’t participate to the conference which is done on the 31st with two people?
The reply we wait.

Man, too bad I wasn’t struggling to make ends meet money-wise and this event wasn’t closer to me, I would’ve jumped at the chance to see Fujimoto in person! She’s not only the top star in Ice Ribbon and one of my favorites, but she’s kinda cute…anyway…

More as it becomes available.