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News: Japanese Man Arrested For Stalking WAVE Star (Updated)


A rather frightening story that could’ve had a much worse-and very tragic-ending was published a short time ago by Daily Sports and has been picked up by SportsNavi and run on their front page: A 34-year-old unemployed Osaka man has been arrested on suspicion of sending death threats to cosplay idol & WAVE star Moeka Haruhi. And even worse, it’s not the first time-according to the report via personnel who work with WAVE, he first started by causing a disturbance at an event in 2009 and since then has occasionally sent hate mail and various threats to Haruhi. The most recent threat appears to have been sent in February and the arrest happened yesterday. As far as the messages, all I know from translation is that he apparently sent text messages to Haruhi threatening to kill her…possibly by shooting her.
All I can say is this is downright scary. Obviously I’m very relieved this person has been arrested and he never got the chance to follow up on his threats to hurt-or even worse, kill Haruhi, but still it does underline the constant danger celebrities-even wrestlers-seem to be under. I’ve never heard of anything like this in puro before, hopefully it’s a long time before anything like this happens again. And I hope this is something Haruhi (or anyone else for that matter) doesn’t have to endure again either, especially since it appears she didn’t do anything wrong and this might’ve just been some case of a crazed fan-but we know how those endings can be tragic and the emotional scars will probably be with Haruhi a long time. I pray for her continued safety and emotional well-being.

More when/if it becomes available.

5/10 UPDATE: A short post from Haruhi on one of her blogs (ameblo.jp/haruhimoeka) regarding news of the arrest (loose translation):

Seeing news, accessing, that you think whether also [ru] one comes.

From fall of the year before last, mail for contribution of my radio program and slander with [burogu] continuation,
By yourself because it came to the point of betting annoyance in direction around not to be restricted,
You consulted the police in January of this year, you became the result this time of being reported.

Freshly, we apologize the fact that worry was assumed on everyone from heart.