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5/10 All-Japan Results


All-Japan began a short 4-day series of events today which are all charity events to raise funds for earthquake disaster relief efforts, with 4 events over the next 4 days also highlighted by the return of several big names who got some downtime over the last couple tours and/or were inactive for various reasons. Results from the first event today at Aomori Municipal Gym:
They claimed 950 paid.
BUSHI beat Yasufumi Naknaoue in 7:40.

Kaz Hayashi & KAI beat Minoru & MAZADA in 10;33. KAI pinned MAZADA after a super splash plancha.

KENSO beat Hiroshi Yamato in 10:04.

Minoru Suzuki beat Rene Dupree in 9:24.

Masakatsu Funaki & Akebono beat TARU & KONO in 8:09. Funaki pinned TARU after a left high kick.

Takao Omori, Seiya Sanada & Manabu Soya beat Suwama, Shuji Kondo & Ryota Hama in 23:55. Sanada pinned Kondo with a dragon suplex hold.

Akebono won a battle royal in 12:38, last eliminating BUSHI. I believe it was a 16 man battle royal.