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5/8 & 5/9 Dragon Gate Results


Dragon Gate continued their current tour Sunday and, unknown to me until just now, also ran the monthly NEX yesterday. Results from both events:
Sunday at Gifu Chamber Of Commerce:
They claimed 800 paid (sellout).
Ryo Saito & Naoki Tanisaki beat Cyber Kong & Super Shenlong in 14 minutes. Saito pinned Shenlong after Double Cross.

Diablo (Independent/Freelancer) beat Hollywood Stalker Ichikawa in 26 seconds. Which led to…
Diablo beat Hollywood Stalker Ichikawa in 9:36.

YAMATO beat Kenichiro Arai in 13:09.

Naruki Doi & Gamma beat Shingo Takagi & Taku Iwasa in 12 minutes. Gamma pinned Iwasa after Gamma Special.

Masaaki Mochizuki, Masato Yoshino, BxB Hulk & Pac beat CIMA, Dragon Kid, Ricochet & Genki Horiguchi in 24:33. Pac pinned Horiguchi after a super high-angle SSP.

Monday’s NEX at DG Arena:
They claimed 80 paid.
Super Shisa beat Kotoka in 8:09.

Pac beat Jackson Florida in 8:23.

Takuya Tomakomai beat Shisa BOY in 9:22.

Cyber Kong & Super Shenlong beat Ricochet & Hollywood Stalker Ichikawa in 10:24. Shenlong pinned Ichikawa after Rotation Seal. Well you know what they say, a win’s a win.

Next event is tomorrow at Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse then it’s time for KING OF GATE 2011, which starts Thursday at Korakuen.