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Joshi News: No(zaki) More In Diana (Updated)


Had a hard time coming up with that pun, but there’s one fewer employed joshi wrestler today, and the circumstances are slightly eye-raising. In an official release that has also been posted by Ringstars, Diana has announced that, to put it simply, Nagisa Nozaki has been fired effective immediately. This is due to what they call a “serious breach of contract behavior”, specifically she no-showed last Wednesday’s (5/4) event and missed it without permission. As a result, Aja Kong will get a new opponent on 5/15 as she was to have faced Nozaki. That new foe should be announced tomorrow. No word yet on what this means for Nozaki and her future in wrestling, but it’s not good, even if she tries to cut it as a freelancer.

More as it becomes available.

Update: Nozaki posted a statement and a personal apology today on her official website (ameblo.jp/nnagisan), translation:

There was this day announcement, but it came to the point of retreating/quitting group doing the D analog which has belonged.

This time, for my selfish conduct, we put annoyance on the many authorized personnel and person of the fan in addition to the Kiyouko of the president.

There is no excuse truly.

Is concerning future, but you taking the responsibility of the latest your own conduct, including the shape, retirement, you think how it should do of.

Simply, just one permitting selfishness, lastly it can receive, if, there is a feeling that as for the league game ‘Catch of WAVE which presently has participated the WAVE’ just we would like to participate to last game.

If it is to be able to participate, after the schedule ending of the league game, we would like you to report freshly concerning your own future.

We apologize lastly once more.Excuse it was not truly.

Nozaki beach

Also, here’s Diana’s official statement from promotion founder/president Kyoko Inoue:

It is the Nozaki beach of our company post, but this time, there was a serious breach of contract behavior, no permission it defaulted the tournament furthermore at the time of May 4th arena matching of the other day.To catch the result and the problem which conferred the examination of dealing prudently in inside the group heavily, because it came to the point of making the Nozaki beach layoff dealing with effective today it reports.

Furthermore, as the group concerning becoming this kind of result, you seriously reflect concerning the management system of the player, in addition, you repeat the fact that annoyance and worry were applied in everyone of the fan and pile up and apologize.Excuse it was not truly.

Because of this, in the announcement card (Nozaki beach vs [ajiya] [kongu]) of the Kawasaki conference May 15th there is modification, but tomorrow, press conference is opened concerning the alternative card and we would like to report.

We ask may.

World woman professional wrestling [deiana] (Inc.)

Kiyouko Inoue Chief Executive Officer

As for WAVE which Nozaki refers to, she has been a participant in their annual league/tournament. She is currently scheduled to face Mio Shirai in a league match on 5/17, Misaki Ohata on 6/15 and finally Ayumi Kurihara on 7/6. If WAVE posts any updates/changes because of this I’ll pass them along.

5/11 UPDATE: WAVE has posted the full 5/17 card today. Nozaki is still on and is still scheduled to face Mio Shirai.