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Joshi News: More On Haruhi Death Threats


A day after an arrest was made of a man accused of sending death threats and other harassing/threatening messages to Moeka Haruhi, the WAVE star today discussed the incident with Ringstars. Some notes from my translation of the interview:
The trouble appears to have started after a WAVE fan club event on 11/1/2009. Things then seeme to calm down a bit but 3 months later it started getting worse. This person apparently started a blog where he began making posts similar to the mail he sent to Haruhi.

On or about February 7, 2010, the suspect appears to have sent the first explicit death threat to Haruhi. In December 2010 he apparently made a blog or a blog post with the same threat. On January 3 “authorized personnel”, presumably WAVE staff, contacted police and security was increased for the January 4 WAVE event. A police report reportedly was submitted about 4 days later and a few days later Haruhi went to the police station to file an official complaint. The suspicion was this person was a stalker. As it turns out, Haruhi was not his only target-he had also made similar threats to other “idol wrestlers” (I don’t know how many others like Haruhi there are beyond the obvious ones-Yuzuki Aikawa, Aika Ando, Miyako Matsumoto, maybe Tsukasa Fujimoto) on blogs and via Twitter and word began spreading among the wrestlers. Obviously there was a sense of relief when the arrest was made.

The full interview (in Japanese) can be read here: