A draw isn’t a win, but it sure isn’t a loss either and Yuzuki Aikawa seemed satisfied with her performance and hopes for not only a rematch with opponent Ayumi Kurihara, but possibly to team with her in the future. SportsNavi took this photo backstage after the main event of Yuzupon Matsuri 3, where Yuzuki & Ayumi went at it for 20 minutes before time ran out. And if SportsNavi’s report of the match is any indication, Yuzuki continues to take great steps forward in the ring, expanding her repertoire well beyond Yuzupon Kicks-looks like she even busted out an STF! After it all was over, the other Stardom girls brought out the birthday cake and a full crowd of 400+ joined in singing “Happy Birthday”. A delightful birthday eve indeed it was for Yuzuki, who turns 28 in just a couple hours.