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5/15 Diana Results


Diana ran their 6th event today, results from Kawasaki City Gym:
They claimed 486 paid.
Unless otherwise noted, all matches were 10 minute time limits with 3 extra 1-minute rounds if needed.
Keiko Aono vs. Hiren went to a time limit draw.

Bambi beat Moeka Haruhi in 6:27.

Toshie Uematsu beat Annie Social (?) in 7:54.

Yumi Ohka vs. Mariko Yoshida went to a time limit draw.

Aya Yuki beat Rain (?) in 3:26.

Kaoru Ito beat Ryo Mizunami at 56 seconds of the 3rd extra-time round. 4 more seconds and it was a draw.

No time limit match: Aja Kong beat Sari in 10:45. Sari was a late replacement for the “fired” Nagisa Nozaki (no-showed a recent event without notice).

Meiko Satomura beat Ayako Sato at 49 seconds of the 1st extra-time round.

No time limit match: ? beat Kyoko Inoue in 13:03.