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5/18 Ice Ribbon Results


Ice Ribbon ran their usual Wednesday event today, results from the Ice Ribbon School:
They claimed 86 paid.
International Ribbon Tag Team Champions Emi Sakura & Ray beat Makoto Oishi & Neko Nitta in 12:38 to retain the titles. Sakura pinned Nitta with La Magistral. V4 for the champs.

Mika Iida beat Maki Narumiya in 4:18.

Hamuko Hoshi & Mochi Miyagi beat Tsukasa Fujimoto & Miyako Matsumoto in 9:57. Miyagi pinned Matsumoto.

Makoto beat Chii Tomiya in 13:08.

Some post-main event fallout:
It looks like there will be one of the following on Saturday: Sakura & Ray defending the International Ribbon Titles against Hikari Minami & Riho or Minami & Riho vs. Hoshi & Miyagi for perhaps the next shot.
ICEx60 Singles Champion Tsukasa Fujimoto vs. Miyako Matsumoto for the title was made for next Wednesday. But there’s a stip attached-if Miyako loses, she will be forced to leave Ice Ribbon.
Makoto issued what appeared to be a challenge to IW19 Singles Champion Tsukushi, but I’m not sure if she’s made enough appearances on 19 Pro to make this her guaranteed challenge or if Tsukushi would have to accept it first.
More on all this as it becomes available.