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New Japan News: More US Notes/Fallout


Some more New Japan news from last weekend’s US tour:
The latest updated attendance figures from the weekend:
Friday-587 paid
Saturday-1143 paid
Sunday-600 paid
Friday & Saturday were close to being legit Full Houses, those would’ve been 640 & 1250, respectively.

Both sides (New Japan and Jersey All-Pro Wrestling) were happy with how things went, although JAPW had some issues with the Saturday venue (Basketball City in NYC). Construction on the venue wasn’t finished in time and worst of all, no working bathrooms. They had to bring in portable johns. Yikes. Some refunds had to be given to those who had health issues due to dust in the air from construction. JAPW wanted Manhattan Center but it wasn’t available.

No timetable for NJPW’s next US tour but the hope is it will be sometime in the next year.

Lance Hoyt’s official New Japan debut (as Lance Archer) will be in June. I have added Hoyt/Archer & MVP to the New Japan roster page here.