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NOAH News: Lots Of Summer Schedule Updates


NOAH posted a number of schedule updates for the summer, let’s get to it:
First up is the schedule for the G+ Jr. Heavyweight Tag League:
7/16-Yazawa City Gym
7/18-Yuri Honjo City
7/22-Fujisan Messe
7/26-Toyama Techno Hall
7/28-Hive Nagaoka
Further details TBA.

A 6/29 event at Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, “The Weekday Navigation 2011 In Yokohama”, has also been added ot the schedule.

GREAT VOYAGE 2011 in Osaka will be held on 7/23 at Osaka Prefectural Gym. Tickets go on sale 5/29 at an event featuring a Takeshi Rikioh performance. Rikioh, for those wondering, is still out of action due to a neck injury.

Finally, a SEM-more specifically a SEMex-will be held on 7/27 in Nagoya.