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5/21 All-Japan Results


All-Japan continued their current tour today, the 2nd day of a 10-day marathon stretch with 9 events in 10 days (only one off day the rest of the tour). Results from Acros Fukuoka:
They claimed 1100 paid (sellout).
Masanobu Fuchi beat Yasufumi Nakanoue in 10:08.

Rene Dupree & Super Hate beat KENSO & BUSHI in 12:17. Hate pinned KENSO after a groin kick.

Kaz Hayashi & KAI beat Shuji Kondo & Hiroshi Yamato and Minoru & MAZADA in a 3-way in 10:18 when KAI pinned Yamato. (Note: On All-Japan’s official results this match is listed twice, they indicate it was due to a computer error and will be fixed later)

Takao Omori beat Manabu Soya in 11:55.

Masakatsu Funaki & Minoru Suzuki beat Akebono & Ryota Hama in 12:12 by ref stoppage. Funaki beat Hama with a left high kick.

Suwama, Taiyo Kea & Seiya Sanada beat TARU, KONO & Joe Doering in 17:48. Sanada pinned TARU with a tiger suplex hold.