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5/21 DDT Results


Not to be outdone by Dragon Gate, DDT today kicked off their KING OF DDT singles tournament. Results from Shin-Kiba 1st Ring:
They claimed 471 paid (a Full House).
With maybe one exception, all matches were KING OF DDT tournament matches.
Round 1:
Kenny Omega beat Makoto Oishi in 4:46.
Seiya Morohashi beat Antonio Honda in 6:55.
KUDO beat Yasu Urano in 15:48.
Hikaru Sato beat Tomomitsu Matsunaga in 8:18.
Super Strong Machine (New Japan) beat Daisuke Sasaki in 7:24.
HARASHIMA beat MIKAMI in 9:50.
Shigehiro Irie beat Keisuke Ishii in 4:04.
Kota Ibushi beat Michael Nakazawa in 9:51.

Possible non-tournament match: Takao Soma beat Danshoku Dieno, DJ Leek, Rion Mizuki & Kazuki Hirata in a 5-way in 5:55 by pinning Leek. Soma earns some kind of seed/right as a result.

Kenny Omega beat Seiya Morohashi in 9:12.
KUDO beat Hikaru Sato in 17:12.
HARASHIMA beat Super Strong Machine in 4:38.
Shigehiro Irie beat Kota Ibushi in 8:02.

The semifinals, will be Omega-KUDO & HARASHIMA-Irie. The eventual winner will get a shot at the KO-D Openweight Championship on 7/24 at Ryogoku. The semis & finals will be on 5/29 at Kyoto KBS Hall.