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News: Japan Coverage Of “Macho Man” Death


As word of the death of former wrestler “Macho Man” Randy Savage elicits tributes and continued mourning from throughout the wrestling community, the Japanese media is now beginning to pick up the story, although it appears Savage made only brief appearances in Japan-mostly at a special New Japan/All-Japan event in 1990 and then briefly in New Japan afterwards. Daily Sports posted this article a short time ago, which has been re-posted by SportsNavi:

You passed away at the hospital where WWF from eighties extending through nineties (reality WWE) contributed to All-American conquests largely “[matsuchiyoman]” [randei] [sabeji] 20 days (21st of Japanese time), to cause automobile accident, is conveyed in American Florida state. They were 58 years old.
As for [sabeji] graduate of the professional wrestling family, father [anjiero] [potsuhuo] and younger brother [rani] [potsuhuo] professional wrestling Ra. You aimed toward the major-leaguer, but you gave up, professional wrestling entered.
85 years, attending Elizabeth of the beauty manager who is the wife, WWF participation. The wild wind [bo] [u] of according to of the ring name, muscular beauty of according to nickname, popularity is gained with [do] lively fashion, it participated as the superstar whom it comes after [haruku] [hogan] e.g., the WWF worldwide heavyweight throne is acquired in 86.
All Japan and new Japan, with the Japanese-American wrestling summit which WWF cosponsors with Tokyo dome heaven dragon Genichiro it plays historical name game on April 13th of 90, after that participates to SWS and new Japan. In addition, it participated even in the entertainment world e.g., you perform to the Hollywood movie “spider man” in 02.

I haven’t seen or heard anything yet from New Japan or anywhere else in puro regarding his passing. There may not be much since, except as Daily Sports mentioned, he never really competed in Japan outside of perhaps WWF. All I’ve seen so far is this blog entry from WWE star Yoshi Tatsu, who blogs regularly for SportsNavi and was a fan of the Macho Man:

Now, there was communication from the office.

“[matsuchiyoman]” [randei] [sabeji] today,
 died in the automobile accident.

The one of the heroes in me and making young, you died.

It is regrettable.

We pray happiness in the other world from heart.