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5/21 Dragon Gate Results-The KING OF GATE Is…


Dragon Gate wrapped up the annual KING OF GATE tournament yesterday, so who is this year’s KING OF GATE? Read on to find out, results from Osaka Prefectural Gym #2:
They claimed 1800 paid (a Full House).
Genki Horiguchi, Naoki Tanisaki & Tomahawk T.T. beat Don Fujii, Super Shisa & Susumu Yokosuka in 11:11. Tanisaki pinned Shisa after Implant.

KING OF GATE Semifinals:
BxB Hulk beat CIMA in 7:10.
Yasushi Kanda beat Masaaki Mochizuki in 10:37.

Dragon Kid & Pac beat Ryo Saito & Ricochet in 14:23. Kid pinned Saito after Bible.

Naruki Doi, Gamma & Cyber Kong beat Masato Yoshino, SHingo Takagi & YAMATO in 20:19. Kong pinned YAMATO after Cyber Bomb.

KING OF GATE Finals: BxB Hulk beat Yasushi Kanda in 14:04 to win the tournament and become this year’s KING OF GATE. As a result, Hulk likely will get an Open The Dream Gate Title shot in the not-too-distant future, SportsNavi reports that’ll likely be during next month’s CHAMPION GATE IN HAKATA as Hulk made the customary challenge and it seems to have been accepted. But it won’t be one-and-done for the champion, Kanda also demanded a title shot and likely got it. So it sounds like Mochizuki-Hulk on 6/18 and the winner vs. Kanda on 6/19. I’ll confirm when DG makes the official announcements.