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5/22 JWP Results


JWP continued their current series today, results from Kitasenju Theater 1010:
They claimed 124 paid (a Full House).
KAZUKI, Tomoko Morii & masu-me beat Ysubasa Kuragaki, Command Bolshoi & Yagami Aoi in 15:49. Morii pinned Aoi.

J-1 Grand Prix 2011:
Sachie Abe beat Manami Katsu in 9:22.
In a 2 Count match (only a 2 count on pinfalls was needed to win), Hanako Nakamori beat Misaki Ohata in 9:32.
In a Submissions/Giving Up Only match, Hailey Hatred beat Kayoko Haruyama in 14:51.
High Speed Champion Leon beat DASH Chisako in 17:27 to retain the title. V4 for Leon. After the match, Leon granted Chisako what appeared to be an immediate rematch. If I read my translation correctly, that will happen on June 26 at Matsushita IMP Hall. Not sure yet if it’s just for the High Speed Title or also for the JWP Openweight Title. More as it becomes available.