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5/22 K-DOJO Results


K-DOJO ran a special house show in Osaka today, results from Osaka (I couldn’t figure out the exact location except some kind of west ward center):
They claimed 248 paid (sellout).
HIROKI & MIYAWAKI beat Ryuchi Sekine & Kazuaki Mihara (Osaka Pro) in 12:22. MIYAWAKI pinned Sekine after Death Penalty.

? & SATOSHI beat ? & HARU in 12:23. ? pinned ?.

F*CK Recognition World Air Class Champion Apple Miyuki beat Bambi in 6:41 to retain the title. V8 for Miyuki. Not even going near this one.

Chiba 6 Man Tag Team Champions Shiori Asahi, Hiro Tonai & Yuki Sato beat Taishi Takizawa, Marines Mask 2 & Kaji Tomato in 16:11 to retain the titles. Tonai pinned 2 after a cascade drop. V1 for the champs.

Yuji Hino & TAKA Michinoku beat Kengo Mashimo & Quiet Storm in 18:12. Hino pinned Storm with The Greatest German Suplex Hold In The World. This confirms that Hino’s recent injury was very minor, he only missed about a week.