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5/23 ZERO1 Results


ZERO1 is running it’s monthly Tokyo ZERO1 WRESTLERS event today, results from Korakuen via SportsNavi:
As always, they didn’t announce atendance.
KAMIKAZE & Bikuma (Independent/Freelancer) beat Munenori Sawa & Matt Stone (gaijin) in 11:25. Bikuma pinned Stone after a swanton bomb.

Ryouji Sai & Kohei Sato beat Shinjiro Otani & Yoshikazu Yokoyama in 20:50. Sai pinned Yokoyama after Nachi Waterfall.

Hiromitsu Kanehara (Independent/Freelancer) & Yoshihiro Takayama (NOAH/Independent/Freelancer/Takayama Dojo) beat Daisuke Sekimoto & Shito Ueda in 17:01. Kanehara beat Ueda with a chicken wing.

Masaaki Mochizuki (Dragon Gate) beat Daichi Hashimoto in 14:51.

Masato Tanaka & Kenta Kakinuma beat The Sheik (not THE Sheik) & Mark Hussein 18:20. Kakinuma pinned Hussein.

Takuya Sugawara beat ZERO1 international Jr. Heavyweight Champion Ikuto Hidaka in 26 minutes to win the title. Sugawara wins the title for the 2nd time and becomes the 18th ZERO1 Internaional Jr. Heavyweight Champion. (ZERO1 says it’s only the 10th, but that does not include prior incarnations/versions of the title) And Hidaka’s latest incredible record-setting reign is over at just a few days short of 18 months and 7 successful defenses, both are records. Let’s see if Sugawara can match his first reign this time around-when he first held the title he did so for about 5 months. Afterwards, Bikuma apparently was chosen by Sugawara as the next challenger or made such a challenge, but Bikuma then removed his mask to reveal the surprise underneath-Bikuma really is/was Mineo Fujita. So we might next see Sugawara-Fujita for the title…and champ or not, Sugawara still can’t get away from all those gosh-darn Fujitas! Haha.

Next event is scheduled for 6/14 at Korakuen.