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News: New Japan Article On Savage Death


It took 3 days and the story is buried near the bottom of their homepage, but New Japan releases this statement today on the death of “Macho Man” Randy Savage last week. Translation:

Local time May 20th, worldwide professional wrestling Ra which is known with alias “of [matsuchiyoman]”, [randei] [sabeji] (autonym: [randei] [potsuhuo]) caused automobile accident in American & Florida state, passed away at the hospital ahead conveying. 享 year 58 year old.

[randei] [sabeji] acquires the WWF worldwide heavyweight throne in 1986, in the [do] lively performance, reigns as a superstar. [yu] temporary of the Japanese mat to be deep, ‘intense fighting of heaven dragon Genichiro (Genichiro Tenryu) game with of the Japanese-American wrestling summit’ 1990 April 13th is famous even excessively.

To also new Japanese professional wrestling visits Japan ”to 96 BATTLE FORMATION’ Tokyo dome conferences 1996 April 29th, opposes with Tenzan wide good fortune. (Hiroyoshi Tenzan) In addition, 2000 January 4th ‘fighting strongly derived dream 2000’ in Tokyo dome conference [ritsuku] Steiner single match is done as a “WCW special match”.

Restraining, we pray happiness in the other world.

New Japanese professional wrestling corporation