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Site Note: Comments Turned Back On

After keeping them off a long time mainly due to spam/abuse, I have decided to turn commenting back on for new posts going forward. Comments will be welcome on news/results/video posts with the following rules in place:
No spam, of course.
NO ADVERTISING/LINKS. Don’t bother linking to your blog, site, forum, article, etc. Not allowed. Note that if you’re a registered WordPress user you can link to your site via your username (it may be done automatically), that is fine.
No abuse/slander/derogatory/hateful comments. Keep it respectful at all times. Although I will allow some slack on anti-Minoru Suzuki comments and a couple others, haha.
If possible, leave comments in ENGLISH ONLY. This is an English-language website.
No match/DVD requests. I don’t have it. If you need it that bad, search the net or try importing it from Japan-there are a few sites where, if you’ve got the yen and connections, you can buy match/event DVDs (although Dragon Gate USA has a few Japanese DVDs of DG events/broadcasts).

Those who break the rules are subject to being banned from posting comments (including IP bans), if it gets really bad or there’s a lot of spam (including the automated stuff) I will disable commenting altogether again. Hopefully that won’t be the case, I’d like to promote some good discussions/thoughts on what’s happening in puroresu as part of my eforts to spread it throughout the world!

  1. Adam
    05/24/2011 at 5:19 am

    I gotta tell you, this site is pretty great. It has results for promotions other puroresu websites don’t/won’t cover such as Ice Ribbon. I really appreciate all the hard work you do.

  2. 05/23/2011 at 2:05 pm

    I think I have to say this.

    Thank you very much for this site. Your information was very helpful when I traveled to Tokyo last month to watch Puroresu especially Puroresu Schedule. I ended up attended 7 shows during my 13 days stay and it was very fun trip.

    Also your english information on some indy promotion really helps me because I’ve known very little about them (Kaientai , Big Japan). It helped me enjoyed the shows a lot more.

    I’ll try to discuss and share some thoughts here.

    Domo Arigatou

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