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Video: Tsukasa Fujimoto vs. Miyako Matsumoto (3/21/10)


To build up the rematch between the two this Wednesday, Ice Ribbon has posted the first Tsukasa Fujimoto-Miyako Matsumoto ICEx60 Singles Title match on it’s website. This match took place on 3/21/2010 and, like this time coming up, it’s Tsukasa defending against Miyako-but this time the stakes are much more than just the title: If Miyako loses, she’s being forced out of Ice Ribbon. What likely is the full match is below, the clip is 15 minutes while the match itself runs just over 11 minutes.

For those wondering, the girl who interrupts Miyako afterwards and attacks her unexpectedly is Riho, leading to a rather entertaining confrontation. The other one on a mic at the end of the clip is Emi Sakura.