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5/25 Ice Ribbon Results

Ice Ribbon ran their usual Wednesday event today, results from the Ice Ribbon School:
They claimed 124 paid (a Full House).
Hikari Minami beat Maki Narumiya in 8:01.

Mochi Miyagi beat Hikaru Shida in 6:31.

Emi Sakura & Chii Tomiya beat Makoto Oishi (Independent/Freelancer) & Makoto in 14:13. Sakura pinned Makoto.

ICEx60 Singles Champion Tsukasa Fujimoto beat Miyako Matsumoto in 11:01 to retain the title. V4 for Fujimoto. As a result, per pre-match stip, Matsumoto is no longer a member of Ice Ribbon. She’s taken a very slow but very hard fall over the last year-plus: 14 months ago she was ICEx60 Singles Champion, beating Fujimoto to win the title, and she was also International Ribbon Tag Team Champion with her serious man-crush, Jun Kasai. And in between she even held the Triangle Ribbon Championship. But somewhere along the way things went downhill, reportedly she really got on Emi’s bad side (and it’s not the first time there have been issues between Emi and the other girls in the promotion over the past year, but things really didn’t seem to hit a boiling point until about 3-4 months ago) and now she’s lost her spot in the promotion. But all is not lost for her, she still appears to have her other career to fall back on-she’s still somewhat active as an actress and campaign girl among other things and still finds time to make various special event appearances. And who knows? Maybe she could still compete in the promotion as a freelancer. We’ll find out soon. For those wondering, nothing yet post-event on either the site or the first place I checked, Miyako’s official blog (ameblo.jp/matsumoto-miyako). More when/if it becomes available.

  1. R
    05/25/2011 at 2:54 pm

    Oh no, no more Miyako. CURSES~!

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