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5/27 All-Japan Results

All-Japan’s marathon tour run is now in the home stretch, results from today at Kokura Kita Gym:
They claimed 1050 paid.
The first match was a 6-man match between what looked to be local wrestlers (likely from some of the indies in Fukuoka, where today’s event was), I don’t know any of the names. It went 11:50 and was won by a YASU, TA-KI & SMITH.

Hiroshi Yamato beat Yasufumi Nakanoue in 7:36.

Rene Dupree & Super Hate beat Azteca & Nozomi Kubo (KAGEKI) in 9:15. Dupree pinned Azteca after a diving body press. Taking a guess on the losers’ names but I’m pretty sure it’s those 2 from KAGEKI.

KENSO beat Masanobu Fuchi in 14:44.

Takao Omori beat Ryota Hama in 9:10.

Taiyo Kea, Minoru Suzuki, Akebono, Kaz Hayashi & BUSHI beat TARU, KONO, Joe Doering, Minoru & MAZADA in 15:57. Akebono pinned MAZADA after a body press.

Seiya Sanada, Manabu Soya & KAI beat Suwama, Masakatsu Funaki & Shuji Kondo in 25:03. Sanada pinned Kondo after a running elbow.

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