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5/22-28 Dragon Gate Results

Dragon Gate resumed their current tour early this week after wrapping up KING OF GATE, results from yesterday and today and some catching-up with Sunday’s results (never posted until today):
Sunday at Tex Port Imabari:
They claimed 1290 paid (overflow).
Masato Yoshino & Pac beat Yasushi kanda & Genki Horiguchi in 11:40. Pac pinned Horiguchi after SSP.

Ryo Saito beat Super Shisa in 11:44.

Shingo Takagi beat Ricochet in 11:26.

CIMA & Gamma beat BxB Hulk & KAGETORA in 14:29. CIMA pinned KAGETORA after Meteora.

Masaaki Mochizuki, Dragon Kid & YAMATO beat Naruki Doi, Naoki Tanisaki & Cyber Kong in 19:37. Mochizuki pinned Tanisaki.

Friday at Kobe Sambo Hall:
They claimed 850 paid.
Ryo Saito & Tomahawk T.T. beat Super Shisa & BxB Hulk in 13:52. Saito pinned Hulk after Double Cross.

Don Fujii beat Super Shenlong in 6:58.

Yasushi Kanda beat KAGETORA in 9:59.

Shingo Takagi & Susumu Yokosuka beat Genki Horiguchi & Naoki Tanisaki in 13:21. Takagi pinned Tanisaki after MADE IN JAPAN.

In an elimination match, Masaaki Mochizuki, Masato Yoshino, Dragon Kid & YAMATO beat CIMA, Gamma, Naruki Doi & Cyber Kong in 28:29. Order of elimination: CIMA by Kid at 19:28, Kid & YAMATO by Kong via OTR at 22:29, Kong by Yoshino at 23:43, Yoshino by Doi at 24:48, Gamma by Mochizuki via OTR at 27:41, Soi by Mochizuki at 28:29. Mochizuki survives.

Today at Shimizu Marine Building:
They claimed 550 paid (sellout).
YAMATO & Susumu Yokosuka beat Ryo Saito & Tomahawk T.T. in 13:48. YAMATO pinned T.T.

Gamma beat Hollywood Stalker Ichikawa in 8:28.

Shingo Takagi beat Genki Horiguchi in 12:21.

BxB Hulk & Dragon Kid beat Cyber Kong & Naoki Tanisaki in 14:47. Hulk pinned Tanisaki after E.V.O.

CIMA, Naruki Doi & Yasushi Kanda beat Masato Yoshino, KAGETORA & ? in in 20:15. Kanda pinned KAGETORA after a diving elbow drop. I’m not sure who the ? on the losing team is, DG says there were 2 Dois in the matchup, one on each team. Clearly an error there.

  1. 05/29/2011 at 10:28 pm

    ? is Mochizuki

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