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5/28 Osaka Pro Results

Osaka Pro ran their usual Saturday event today, results from Osaka Minami Move On Arena:
They claimed 105 paid.
Ultimate Spider Jr. beat Naoki Setoguchi in 9:54.

Kuishinbo Kamen beat Ebessan 3 in 7:09.

Tadasuke & Masamune beat Daisuke Harada & Takoyakida in 13:09. Tadasuke pinned Takoyakida after Last Ride.

Tigers Mask, Black Buffalo, Zeus & Atsushi Kotoge beat Kuuga, Orochi, Hideyoshi & HAYATA in 13:12. Kotoge beat HAYATA.

Osaka Pro Owarai Champion Janjuro Matsuyama beat Johnel Sanders in 11:02 to retain the title. V5 for Matsuyama. For those who’ve never seen him, Johnel Sanders is exactly what his name sounds like-a comedy wrestler with a gimmick based on none other than Col. Sanders, the man behind KFC.

The promotion kicks off the 2011 Osaka Pro Tag League tomorrow. It will run mainly on weekends for the next 3-4 weeks.

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