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5/29 WAVE Results

WAVE ran the 8th installment of it’s Sunday WAVE series today, results from Shin-Kiba 1st Ring:
They claimed 282 paid (sellout).
Moeka Haruhi beat Mika Iida in 7:45.

GAMI vs. Io Shirai went to a 10 minute time limit draw.

Hiroyo Matsumoto beat Sakura Hirota in 7:58. Hirota was dressed up as what I can best describe as a vampire-like Misaki Ohata with a ridiculously stuffed top.

Catch The WAVE League:
Sawako Shimotsuke beat Nao Komatsu in 8:10.
Misaki Ohata vs. Mio Shirai went to a double countout in 11:32.
Cherry vs. Kana went to a 15 minute time limit draw.
Toshie Uematsu beat Tomoka Nakagawa in 5:30.
Yumi Ohka beat Ayumi Kurihara in 14:22.

  1. R
    05/29/2011 at 9:27 pm

    Hirota was making fun of Ohata’s yaeba teeth.

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